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Current Workshop Activity

Drop in often to see what is happening in the workshop at the moment.

Rod in action:

This current build uses the top of the range blank in the MHX range, using the best material in the world at the moment. The NMB753XF is made from 57 Million Modulus Mitsubishi Rayon Fibre with a Nano Resin system that makes this blank the lightest, strongest and most impact resistant blank available.
Paired with an MHX Winn Grip split grip and palm swell reel seat, and Elite spinning guides with deep pressed stainless rings and zirconium oxide inserts - this is rod is some serious hardware.

Build start date:

August 13, 2021

Fore Grip
Reel Seat arbors
Rear Grip and Winding Check
Fore Grip and winding check
Reel Seat And Grips
Butt Cap
Split Grip
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