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TG Custom Slow Pitch Jigging

The Slow Pitch Jig rod blanks belong to the innovative MHX Offshore Jigging Series. The Slow Pitch Jig incorporates the Toray 6K Standard Modulus Woven Graphite Fiber of 33 million modulus and a Nano Resin Technology.

The smaller blank diameters are designed with specific rod action in mind. This Slow Pitch Blank Series features a small outer diameter with a thicker blank wall that perfectly marries the Toray woven fiber with the Nano Resin to create a unique moderate recoil action.

It is the blank that allows the angler to have precise control over the jig and where it is located in the water column. All models in the Slow Pitch series are designed with durability and performance in mind. The Slow Pitch technique requires specific movements and extraordinary feel and for that reason, MHX Introduces the Slow Pitch.

Available in Pelagic Blue

With 14 options in the range in lengths from 6'3" through to 7'3" and weight ranges from 150g to 300g jigs, there is a blank to suit your fishing style

Prices for a TG Custom Rods Jigging rod start at $520* incl GST
*Basic build option using a 6'3" blank

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