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There are a number of design element options that will set your rod apart from everyone else. Here you will see the detail around each option available so it makes ordering straight forward.

Essentially it is broken down to some essential elements such as guide and ferrule wraps and trim bands, and more decorative options, such as cross threads, marbling and feather inlays.

When placing your order, you will need to specify the main and trim band colour of a trim band wrap if that is what you want, and also there is a field for you to enter the other design elements, such as the style of feather inlay or marble effect and placement.

Follow the pages below to learn a little more about each.


Guides and Ferrules

Rod's blue marble 007.JPG


Cross Wrap 1.jpg

Cross Thread Wrap & Dragon Scale


Feather Inlays

Custom Grip.jpg

Handles & Grips

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