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Here you will find information and video's about my 'go to' blanks that I will generally start the design process around.
I have chosen these due to the quality of the materials in the blank, how much I enjoy building with these blanks and more importantly, how well they fish.

Top Water Inshore Fishing

For top water fishing the MHX SW80L is a fantastic place to start. The top video discusses the blank and Saltwater series and the second video covers the 80L specifically with a pretty cool build.

Fly Fishing - Fresh and Salt Water

The MHX Native range of fly blanks are the best in the business, made from the latest in rod material teachnology. For fresh or saltwater options, these are my number one go to.
The little brother to the Native is the Traditional and at 50 million modulus Toray fibre, they are the next best by far.

Soft Bait and Spinning/Casting

Spinning and soft baiting there are a couple of options, depending on whether you want a great rod or the best in the business.

Video one is about the awesome SJ range and video 2 covers the Elite X which is for the angler who simply wants the best.

Slow Pitch Jigging

For the best in slow pitch jigging blanks, the MHX Offshore Jigging series are unbeatable. With 14 options and lengths ranging up to 7'3" to cater for gram weights from 150g through to 300g, we have every water depth covered.

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