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All TG Custom Rods are built differently to an off the shelf factory rod, and as a result care must be taken when it comes to selecting the type of knot you decide to use to attach braid to other leader material.
The guides are designed to withstand briad due to the nature of the build technology and the greater casting distance you can achieve with a custom built rod is partly due to the guide layout and size of guides used.
Some of our spinning and casting rods use size 6 guides, or smaller, at the tip end of the rod, which means your knots need to be tied cleanly, and this can be achieved by using one of our selected knots.

Below are a series of knot instructional videos from the great guys at AFTCO.

The Uni to Uni Knot

The Uni-to-Uni knot (also called the “Double Uni”) is excellent for connecting your main braided or monofilament line to a short leader or long topshot. It’s essentially two separate uni knots tied on opposite sides that, when tightened, cinch down neatly against each other.

The No Name Knot

From super light inshore to big game offshore, the No Name knot is an exceptional choice for connecting braided line to fluoro.

Uni Knot and Loop Knot

When connecting fluorocarbon to a lure with a split ring, the 3-turn uni knot is perfect. For lures that could benefit from a little extra movement, the loop knot provides additional action. Capt. Eric breaks down each knot and which scenario to use ‘em in.

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