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  1. Make contact and let's discuss what you're after. I will come up with options based on that and we can take it from there.

  2. Once the order is confirmed and the 50% deposit has been paid, your rod blanks are ordered from the US. This ensures the blank warranty period is accurate. CRB blanks come with a limited 12 month warranty, MHX and Sage come with a limited Lifetime Warranty.

  3. Your blanks arrive and I start the build by firstly 'spining' the rod to find the spine.
    This is one step that puts a custom built rod ahead of factory produced rods - time and precision in set-up.

  4. The blanks are then assembled together and the exact length of the rod is measured and the first guide spacing calculation takes place.
    This ensure the line guides are spaced to increase performance and reduce line fatigue. The guides are taped in place and then placed on the deflection tool and the rod is put under load. This allows for any adjustments of the guide location to be made to ensure the line flows correctly through the guides. 

  5. The thread work begins and you are sent photos of the progress to ensure you are happy.

  6. Once everyone is happy with the thread work, multiple coats of finish are applied 24 hours apart.
    If you haven't already paid in full, you will receive your final invoice for the balance at this point.

  7. Your rod is now ready to ship! 

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